Visualise line by line code execution in Python

I stumbled across this website that allows you to visualise line by line execution ina Python program. This may be useful for students who are unclear about how a function (or blocks of code) run within a program: This was recommended by Al Sweigart in his Automate The Boring Stuff with Python (

Poundland Pedagogy

We were asked to go to Poundland with £10 to spend on getting items that would help us teach a Computing lesson. My colleague and I chose to teach the fundementals of OOP and objects usin a selection of toys that we bought – eg some rubber balls, plastic cars, dinosaurs etc. Here is the […]

Using a flipped classroom approach for OCR A level Computing

FROM CAS Using a flipped classroom approach  come up with a delivery and assessment strategy to go with from September. We’re also busy making all the flipped classroom videos for every spec point for OCR H446/H046. The videos are freely available on YouTube: Please use them as you wish. They’re not all there […]

Resource links for teachers

Resource links for teachers