Pseudocode Questions

Drag and drop the lines into the right order and indentation

The order is important to check it's correct - please read the question carefully!

Note: Some of the easier questions have extra lines that aren't needed in the final code!

GCSE Pseudocode examples

GCSE Pseudo code can be found from page 39 of the specification

Also W:\Public\ICT & Computing\Year 10 & 11 Computer Science GCSE\02 Algorithms & Programming\02 Programming techniques\_Pseudocode starters.pptx

  1. Pythagoras Triangle
  2. Rectangle Answers
  3. Temperature Sensor
  4. Fizz Buzz
  5. Looping Song
  6. Train Tickets
  7. Maths Quiz
  8. Swap two variables
  9. Convert a decimal number into a 2 digit hexadecimal number
  10. Betting on a Coin Toss Game
  11. Return the Day of the Week 1
  12. Return the Day of the Week 2
  13. Add up all the numbers in an array
  14. Generate squared numbers
  15. Leftover apples function
  16. Word guesser
  17. Bubble Sort

A Level Pseudocode examples

  1. Pet Class
  2. Dog Class (inheriting from Pet)
  3. Hangman

Javascript Examples (More TBC)

  1. Login Function