Basic Project: Building an Office Desktop Mini PC

Basic Project
Building an Office Desktop Mini PC (40 marks)


The Project Brief
Your task is to build a mini Desktop PC for use in
an office.
The PC is to be used for tasks like word processing letters, accessing databases and editing spreadsheets so it does not require any of
its components to be particularly powerful.

You have been given a budget of £500 to purchase the following hardware and software.

  •  a mini desktop case
  • Ÿ all the necessary components to fit inside the case
  • Ÿ a 15” flat screen monitor
  • Ÿ a keyboard and mouse
  • Ÿ stereo speakers
  • Ÿ an operating system
  • Ÿ applications software (word processor, spreadsheet and database)
  • The Report

    Your task is to search for all the required hardware and software and write up a
    report on your choices.
    Your report should include the following pages:
    1. A cover page which includes a title, your name and your class.
    2. An index page listing all the hardware and software you are going to
    3. A page for each of your purchases. Each page should include a heading, a
    picture, the price and a brief description of each purchase.
    4. A page listing the price of each device and a total for your purchases.
    5. A bibliography listing the websites you used during the project.

  • Teaching_Notes_for_Building_a_Computer