Creating anaglyph photos

I’ve been a bit obsessed recently with figuring out how to create those red/cyan shadows of picture (like the Tik Tok logo)

Frankie the Halloween Ferret – in 3d anaglyph stylee

When I finally knew what it was called – stereoscopic analyph photos – it was easier to find out the process. I started using GIMP (as I hate how long Photoshop takes to load these days) and found this tutorial here:

But it didn’t work in my version of GIMP so I ended up screenshotting the picture showing the red channel and the blue and green (aka cyan channel) then sticking those images on two layers and blending with the “Difference” mode.

I tried it on Photopea too – but still had to screen shot the channels. Then I came across a method for adding a solid layer above of red – or cyan – and using the Subtract mode – et voila.

I ended up going back to Photoshop in the end (as I know the keyboard shortcuts!) and created this little fella. I’d forgotten you can make gifs in Photoshop too!