Using a flipped classroom approach for OCR A level Computing

flipped-classroom-bloomsFROM CAS

Using a flipped classroom approach  come up with a delivery and assessment strategy to go with from September. We’re also busy making all the flipped classroom videos for every spec point for OCR H446/H046.

The videos are freely available on YouTube:

Please use them as you wish. They’re not all there yet, but they will be! New ones every day. The playlists will be useful.

These do go hand in hand with other resources we are making at

Sorry, some of it is subscription because we’re spending hours making this stuff when we could be in the sunshine! Seems only fair. Videos will always be free though and will be updated all the time to match new exam board guidance, past papers etc.

We hope some of you might find this useful.

Of course we are happy to take any feedback.

Mr C Sargent, Head of Computing Archway School – Stroud (Lead School NoE)